Casters In Motion Learning Centre

Ordering Tips

The biggest mistake made when buying casters is picking the wrong caster for the application.
Here are some questions to ask yourself or your customers to help determine the right caster for the job.

  1. What is the total load the casters will be supporting?
  2. Number of casters to be mounted on the unit?
    Total load divided by number of casters will give you load per caster.
    i.e. 800 lbs. / 4 casters = 200 lbs. per caster
  3. What wheel diameter is required to ensure ease of mobility?
  4. What wheel material is required? Environment and floor protection will be a factor.
  5. What type of mounting style is required? i.e. Top Plate, Hollow King Pin, Stem
  6. Are brakes required? Wheel brake or Total brake?