We carry a variety of wheel materials and sizes to accommodate your requirements from harsh floor conditions,
to high impact, to high temperature applications.

Bearing Info

Bearing Info page 42

Thermoplastic Rubber Wheels

Thermoplastic Rubber Wheels page 43

Polyurethane Wheels

Polyurethane Wheels page 44

Poly Max Wheels

Poly Max Wheels page 45

Super Solid Urethane Wheels

Super Solid Urethane Wheels page 46

Solid Urethane Wheels

Solid Urethane Wheels page 47

Glass Filled Polypropylene Wheels

Glass Filled Polypropylene Wheels page 48

HT Glass Filled Polypropylene Wheels

HT Glass Filled Polypropylene Wheels page 49

Solid Polypropylene Wheels

Solid Polypropylene Wheels page 50

Hard Rubber Wheels

Hard Rubber Wheels page 51

Soft Rubber Wheels

Soft Rubber Wheels page 52

Sintered Iron Wheels

Sintered Iron Wheels page 53

Cast Iron Wheels

Cast Iron Wheels page 54

Mold On Polyurethane Wheels

Mold On Polyurethane Wheels page 55

Mold On Rubber Wheels

Mold On Rubber Wheels page 56

Phenolic Wheels

Phenolic Wheels page 57

Ductile Steel Wheels

Ductile Steel Wheels page 58

Solid Rubber Wheels

Solid Rubber Wheels page 59